PayPal account in Pakistan / PayPal account services

The PayPal account is major payment transfer method on websites for free lancing services as well major e commerce website of the world.

With a PayPal membership, even very small volume sellers can quickly and easily accept payments that originate from buyers’ credit or debit cards. Speed.PayPal transfers between sellers are instant, and transfers from PayPal accounts to bank accounts can take as little as 24 hours.

The method is most secure for both sending and receiving money but unfortunately PayPal account in Pakistan is not available yet our finance minister said in a meeting for future arrangement of PayPal account services.

Solution for PayPal services

First solution is that we can open a non resident company in any country preferably in uk and after that we can legally apply and open a PayPal account on company name, if you wants to get services in this regard you may contact with us for further information and services

and 2nd solution is that as At right moment, the peoples of Pakistan has only one way to open PayPal account services for themselves which is, if any foreign country resident friend or relative help them in this regard. Because the PayPal account services opening require data like address, phone number, code and bank account of a country where PayPal account  services is available so this is possible with the cooperation of other reliable person. Although the foreign addresses and phone number also available from many fake id sites but never try to do this to avoid any future problems due to verification require.

The other method is that you may use any alternate money transfer methods like Payoneer, if applicable,  as Payoneer is available in Pakistan which require to link with any bank account. You can simply visit Payoneer website to sign up and open new Payoneer account within minutes which will be confirm by Payoneer team after 3 days through email and account up date detail.

The PayPal account in Pakistan is so necessary to grow our country economy development. The Govt should try their hard to get PayPal facilities in Pakistan to promote trillion dollars  e commerce industry.