Lean  Management Consulting in Pakistan

At BAMS LAHORE, Lean is in our DNA. The BAMS LAHORE is a team of consultant for lean management consulting in Pakistan for  Japanese Lean management and continuous improvement principles and the techniques of the Toyota Production System. We learned that while popular, methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma often failed to deliver the promised results. Specifically, while more than 70 percent of global manufacturing companies have a Lean program in place, few are able to effectively leverage it to accelerate growth and create competitive advantage.

Still, we remained true believers in Lean and Six Sigma as well as the Kaizen methodology—the sense of urgency and bias for action that makes real improvement possible quickly. So, we thoroughly studied these methodologies and ultimately created a propriety fusion we call Lean Sigma. This unique blending of approaches eliminates the guesswork about when and how to use the tools and compresses the time it takes to implement and realize gains.

The lean management consulting in Pakistan will proof miracle for Pakistan large and small industry.

Today, we help companies leverage their experience with Lean Sigma and use their gains for rapid and sustainable growth.

Our analysis in Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen has shaped our current belief in the critical nature of speed—both operational speed within the companies we help, as well as speed in how we work with companies to quickly implement performance improvements. We exist to help companies make rapid and dramatic gains in performance, and convert those gains into sustainable and profitable growth. L

Our emphasis on speed and execution in operational and supply chain and looking for break through in Pakistan multi-site public and private manufacturing and distribution enterprises.