Corporate training on Lean Management/  Lean management Training certificate

BAMS Lahore is Lahore based registered firm to provide tailor made  and customized corporate training for management level. The Lean Management Training certificate will be warded to those person who are participant of corporate training on lean management

Lean management training certificate to participant of corporate training on lean management

 Training OVERVIEW

Over the years we have seen the revolution in business processes and as they tend to become more and more complex and we find ourselves caught up in the mix between the old and new processes. Lean is a powerful philosophy that enables the enterprise to leverage the knowledge and skills of its workforce to attack all forms of waste across the company’s supply chain. Lean management focuses on speed and elimination of waste in manufacturing and non-manufacturing processes and systems. This is a course that will eventually enable you to understand   the

in depth concepts, tools and methods of adopting lean business process in your organization while at the same time help you curb the difficulties that come along with
the change management process. We look forward to welcoming you to this training.


This 3-day practical interactive “hands-on” training session and workshop is intended for a broad audience of professionals in all industries and functions such as: manufacturing, Service, Healthcare, Finance, Food & Beverage, Engineering, Management, Quality, Accounting, Administrative and all personnel involved in Lean initiatives, quality management managers, business improvement managers, manufacturing engineers/managers, quality professional, quality engineers, inspectors, maintenance project specialists, individuals leading project management initiatives.


Lean Training will enable you to:

  • Improve the process to reduce cycle time and costs, increase revenue, and improve collaboration.
  • Understand the current process and identify the activities that are waste versus value-added activities.
  • Develop a Lean Culture that will sustain the improved process and build momentum for additional process improvement in other areas of your organization.

Covering all key basics plus more; the Lean Practitioner courses is designed for those looking to lead more challenging Lean Service initiatives and discover the difference of being Lean and doing Lean. The content of the training course cover tools, techniques and behaviors essential for effective improvement programs. Lean Management Training

We are always ready to go for corporate training on Lean Management in Lahore, Pakistan as well as all corporate dominant region as Faisalabad, Islamabad, Sialkot and Karach