How to start Amazon FBA / Amazon Seller account set up from Pakistan.

To start Amazon FBA , you need Amazon seller account from Pakistan. For Amazon seller account from Pakistan you need valid address from Amazon seller account area and bank account for payment transfer. The seller accounts will be confirm by Amazon when you provide your bank statement, electricity bill and passport copy

You need, a valid address, phone number and bank account of that country where you wants to operate .you have 3 options to do that

To start Amazon FBA , choose one of following methods if you are operating from Pakistan

1.Find any relative or friend in that country where you wants to sell your product and request him to provide his data to open Amazon individual account as well bank account. You may go for a deal in this regard as offer some parentage of business to get its willingness.

2.Find any person from your target country and open a company with offering shares in new born company and also appoint that person as business agent in this country  who is authorize to open and operate bank account in that country. Open a Amazon business seller account and operate from your country .

3.Get registered Non Resident company  in that country and open bank account with  this company name also open Amazon business seller account. I you want services to open Non Resident company in any country like USA or UK then you may contact us for this purpose .we will provide you full service in this regard s company registration, bank account and company filing .