Etsy listing the product on Etsy seller account is most important thing as it is your seller account display and image as a supplier. The listing needs SEO to optimize your product ranking to help and ease your customer to find targeted product .The SEO will boost traffic towards your product which ultimate increase your sale and profitability. Here you need some technical skill. You may hire agency to list your product. Our efficient team is always here to list your product with complete SEO. You can contact with us for listing products on any e commerce platform. The Etsy listing offer manual listing as individual product one by one and for bulk inventory , inventory file upload system.The Link to Get to Your Shop. You can type your shop web address (URL) directly in a web browser’s address bar using either of these formats: it’s absolutely fine to put your website address anywhere in your Etsy shop. … If you put it in your profile/listings/shop announcement it won’t be a live link but there is a spot on the about page where you can put a clickable link to your off-Etsy websiteWith the launch of a new service called Pattern, Etsy is making it easier for people to sell custom goods on their own websites. … When you set up a Pattern website, Etsy automatically imports your content and inventory from your store, and will keep everything synced up

Our suggestion for new seller to engage professionals for Etsy listing to get best results from your uploading. For professional listing uploading, contact.

The new seller also can purchase immature lists from old seller and further improve to get results.