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Our suggestion for new seller to engage professionals for listing  to get best results from your uploading. For professional listing uploading, contact.At closing time on the date of its initial public offering (IPO) – US$25 billion – the world’s highest in history, 19 September 2014, Alibaba’s market value was US$231 billion.[4] As of June 2018, Alibaba’s market cap stood at US$542 billion.[5] It is one of the top 10 most valuable and biggest companies in the world.[6] In January 2018, Alibaba became the second Asian company to break the US$500 billion valuation mark, after Tencent.[7] As of 2018, Alibaba has the 9th highest global brand value

The new seller also can purchase immature lists from old seller and further improve to get results.With tasks in more than 200 nations and territories,[9] Alibaba is the world’s biggest retailer, one of the biggest Internet and AI organizations, one of the greatest funding firms, and one of the greatest speculation companies in the world.[10][11][12][13][14] The organization has the biggest B2B ( and B2C (Taobao, Tmall) commercial centers in the world.[15][16] Its online deals and benefits outperformed all US retailers (counting Walmart, Amazon and eBay) joined since 2015.[17] It has been venturing into the media business, with incomes ascending by triple rate focuses year on year.[18][19]